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We are a group of critical urban geographers within the Department of Geography in King’s College London. As a multidisciplinary and collaborative group, we are interested in the question of the ‘future’ as a conceptual, analytical and methodological lens into challenging current paradigms of urban theory, practice and research.

We share a critical perspective towards urban futures by examining how contemporary urban theory and practice shape visions, representations and narratives of the present and future. We are interested in examining how alternative visions of urban futures in planning, governance, citizenship and everyday life are being imagined, contested and lived by people across the world. We understand the ‘urban’ as a heuristic mode of existence that is punctured through time by struggles for recognition, identity, survival and belonging.

Attending to where, how and when these struggles are initiated and fought, builds progressive urban futures.

Our research is concerned with three key questions: How is our understanding of the future shaped by past and present urban crises? How do we imagine a future with the analytical tools of the present? What are the alternative histories and timescapes of urban futures?

This site is set up and maintained by Sustainable Cities (MA/MSc) students, Theodora and Viola, with support from the research staff and student body.

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Dr. Ayona Datta

Domain Chair

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