Trivandrum Participatory Workshop

Report from community participatory workshop in Trivandrum on the ‘Disconnected Infrastructures and Violence Against Women’ research project

(Dis)Connected Infrastructures & Violence Against Women (VAW)

We have now come to the end of the first phase of fieldwork for the Disconnected Infrastructures project, based in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala.

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We set out to explore the links – and disconnects – between women’s experiences of the city, public safety and urban infrastructure, and our initial findings have been both surprising and illuminating – highlighting the different ways in which women perceive safety, gender-based violence, public and private space and issues of infrastructure.

The fieldwork consisted of a three-month study conducted with our project societal partner –  women’s resource centre Sakhi – in a low-income neighbourhood within the city. The study was designed to a) deepen our understanding of the links between violence against women (VAW) and access to infrastructure at the neighbourhood level and b) develop the capacity of women from low-income neighbourhoods, in using digital technologies to better access urban…

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