Urban Futures PhD Students Conference


Keynote lecture, 10.30-11.15

Professor Sanjay Srivastava, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi University Enclave

Panel 1

11.15-12.30 Socio-nature co-evolutions: Metabolising and metabolised? – This panel discussion analyses two cases of peri-urban geographies, in light of their relation to adjacent urban spaces. It inquires into the dialectical relation between emerging infrastructures and changing social relations.

• Jin Xiaofan: “What are the main actors, mechanisms, forms and distinctive features of state-led large-scale affordable housing neighbourhood in peri-urban Shanghai?”

• Pratik Mishra: “Asking “Are cities parasitic or generative?” using geographies of metabolism and migration in peri-urban Gurgaon”

Panel 2

13.30-14.45 Ontologies of the self: Identity and politics – This panel discussion investigates three cases with a focus on the emergence of collective identities within contested political processes. The cases will explore transformations in cognitive representations and emotional bonds through ruptures in socio-technological interfaces and educational environments.

• James Angel: “Irregular Connections: Social Reproduction and the Contested Politics of Urban Infrastructure in Catalonia”

• Jacob Fairless Nicholson: “’It was one of the best experiences of our lives, but also one of the worst’: the educational geographies of youth exchanging to Revolutionary Grenada”

• Alejandro Barcena: “Negotiating Dakar’s Urbanisation: risk, identity and politics”

Panel 3

15.15-16.30 Discursive Governance: Representations & subject-making – This panel discussion explores two cases foregrounding the implications of discursive representations of risk, loss and development imaginaries. In exploring these representations, the session seeks to understand how they shape different locales and subjects involved in urban governance and social reproduction.

• Persis Taraporevala: “Demystifying the Indian smart city”

• Nirali Joshi: “Reading between the lines: Injury and death along railway tracks in Mumbai city”