India’s Experiments With Smart Urban Futures

the city inside out

This is a longer version of article published in The Conversation on 27th January 2016.

If you were to visit any Indian city today there is one thing that would strike out immediately. It is not poverty – the clichéd lens with which westerners approach the global south. To an eye fatigued by austerity images in the west, the continuous and frenzied construction activity across Indian cities would be a lasting memory of your visit. The bottom line is – India is rising. Each city, each district, each regional state is reinventing itself. From steel girder to fibre optic cable, from buses to BRT, from rail to monorail, from roads to expressways, from ethernet to wifi. One smartphone, one flyover, one superhighway, one mega-project, one smart city at a time.

In a recent speech, the Indian Prime Minister noted that the ‘nation needs to think big and focus on…

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